Hyperbaric oxygen therapy | HBOT
Oxygen is normally supplied by inhalation to our body. It combines with hemoglobin inside of the red corpuscle (Bonded oxygen).HBOT(Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy) machine induces hyper pressure. It can increase the concentration of the melted oxygen in liquid (melted oxygen). The melted oxygen sullies directly to each cell. Adequate tissue perfusion and sufficient oxygen supply are two basic requirements for the body’s healing responses. Without these the tissues enter a hypoxic state. Hypoxia impairs many healing processes-collagen synthesis, bacterial killing, angiogenesis, and epithelialization. Hypoxia slows wound healing and favors bacterial growth.

HBOT(Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy) accelerates normal healing mechanisms. The increased concentration of oxygen dissolved in plasma reaches tissues with poor or compromised vascular supply (increased diffusion distance). Tissue oxygenation is also improved as the resultant vasoconstriction decreases edema (decreased intercapillary distance).

HBOT(Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy) stimulates the proliferation of fibroblasts and endothelial cells for at least three days post-treatment.

Oxygen is delivered to the tissues at levels that actually inhibit bacterial growth. Tissue oxygen tension has been shown to be the most important local factor affecting oxidative leucocyte killing.

HBOT(Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy) potentiates the activity of many antibiotics and increase their tissue penetration.

HBOT(Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy) decreases the growth and viability or many microorganisms while enhancing antibiotic effectiveness and the patient immune response.

HBOT(Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy) has been widely used in human such as sports medicine, plastic surgery and health industries. l


Hyperbaric oxygen treatment
Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment is a medical treatment by which oxygen is administered at greater than normal pressure to a patient in order to treat specific medical indications. Long established as the primary therapy in the treatment of medical disorders such as carbon monoxide poisoning and gas gangrene, hyperbaric oxygen therapy is now increasingly being used on an adjunctive basis in the management of a variety of disorders refractory to standard medical and surgical care. hyperbaric oxygen treatment has been shown to be particularly effective in treating problem wounds, chronic bone infections and radiation injury.

In Hyperbaric Oxygen treatment, the patient is placed in a specially designed chamber, the pressure in the chamber is increased, and 100% oxygen is breathed. Alveolar oxygen pressure is increased, causing a rise in plasma oxygen content which results in enhanced tissue oxygen delivery. The amount of pressure increase and the length of time under pressure are determined by the condition being treated. Hyperbaric oxygen treatment pressures are usually between 2 and 3 times atmospheric. Hyperbaric oxygen treatments usually last from 1 to 2 hours at full pressure.


– Acne, Herpes, Herpes Zoster, Hair loss, Skin care
– Infection, Acute injury, Ulcer, Burn treatment, Wound, Fracture and so on.
Plastic surgery, Orthopedics, Rehabilitation
– Edema, Cell reproduction after micro-surgery, recovering of muscle and bones.
– Senile dementia, Stroke, Paralysis, Neurosis, Autism, Schizophrenia, Headache, Migraine, etc.
Internal medicine
– Bronchitis, Acute exogenous poisoning(Carbon monoxide poisoning, Gas poisoning), Sequela after stroke, Cerebral hemorrhage, Cerebral infarction, Arteriosclerosis, Diabetes, Ischemic heart disease, etc.
– Diabetic retinitis, Keratitis, etc.
Oriental medicine
– Cerebral hemorrhage, Heart attack, Cerebral infarction, Chronic insomnia, Arteriosclerosis, etc.
– Chronic fatigue, Stress


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