Upanahasweda or poultice is a purvakarma in Panchakarma therapy in Ayurveda. It is the local application of medicated paste to cure pain and swelling. In this treatment herbal medical mixture is applied hot over the affected part of the body and is allowed to remain there for over twelve hours.

Udwartana is a stimulating and exfoliating therapy using a specially prepared herbal powder in Ayurveda. This powder is rubbed all over the body to slough off dead skin cells and help reduce subcutaneous fat. The term Udwartana means to elevate or to promote. This therapy effectively reduces the fat collected around the abdomen and in the inner thighs of women due to nutritional disorders.

Snana or bath belongs to the Paschath Karma therapies, the treatments after the Panchakarma or the Pradhanakarma. However, Snana or bath is not an Ayurvedic treatment. In Ayurveda, the ancient medical system of India, it is viewed in as a daily activity, after an oil massage called Abhyanga. Oil should be applied all over the body and sensitive parts like face, ears and soles of feet should be massaged gently. Warm water is preferred for bath. It would be better is the water is boiled with herbs, depending on the physique of the person. However, the water should be cooled well before having bath. One shouldn't administer warm water on head. Cleansing agents like green gram powder and herbal shampoos assure a complete herbal and healthy bath. Having a bath at noon is not ideal. The best time is the morning or the afternoon, just before the sunset. Bathing immediately after taking food should also be avoided.

In Ayurveda treatment, Pizhichil is the squeezing of warm medicated oil onto the body of the patient from a piece of cloth that is periodically soaked in a vessel containing the oil. Pizhichil literally means squeezing. Pizhichil is beneficial for aliments like Hemiplegia, and other paralyses.

The video is of Nellikka Talam, a treatment on the crown or forehead in Ayurveda. In Talam, medicinal paste is applied on the crown or forehead and there is different kind of Talams according to the illness.


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